Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More

Mid-calf, navy blue day dress with pearl buttons by Victor Stiebel. Dove-grey tweed jacket and fox stole by House of Hartnell. Hat by Elsa Schiaparelli. Perfect for luncheons, jaunts around town and spying on fascists.

Lady Pamela More, fashion columnist and socialite, is recruited by MI5 to keep notes on Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII, suspected to be colluding with the German Embassy. But Pamela suddenly realises that what began as an adventure has led to a deadly struggle for power in a world in the shadow of war.

Directed by Jessica Beck

Eating for Victory

Radio London and the Ministry of Food are recording their popular radio programme ‘The Kitchen Front’ at the Tea House Theatre. London residents lucky enough to secure a limited edition ration card will enjoy cocktails, innovative canapés based on WW2 rations, performances from London’s variety stars and swing dancing through the blackout.

An immersive, site-specific dining and performance event created with Katharine Fry and chef David Salt for Hush Hush Hoopla.


1976. The Soviet Union. Masha is unhappy. Her husband is dull, her lover’s wife is mentally ill and she’s given herself a bad haircut. Masha and her two sisters long to go to Moscow but are trapped in a Soviet backwater, smoking, watching the Montreal Olympics and listening to David Bowie’s latest album. She doesn’t think anyone notices her but what she doesn’t know is that she’s being watched…

Directed by Katharina Reinthaller

World Enough and Time

2014. Celia appears to be the woman who has it all; high-flying career, financial security and a picture perfect family, but then a friend from her past appears on her doorstep and suddenly the certainties of her perfect life start to crumble…

1936. Pamela, a journalist, is assigned to interview little-known American socialite Wallace Simpson. What starts as piece on cocktails and couture becomes more dangerous when she meets Charlie, an MI5 agent monitoring the relationships between Simpson, the Prince of Wales and German Chancellor Adolf Hitler…

1647. With the men of the village away fighting, Lady Anne’s Royalist household is struggling to survive the winter with Cromwell’s Army bearing down on them. When Joan, Anne’s illegitimate half-sister and suspected witch, shows up on her doorstep looking for protection, Anne is faced with a terrible choice…

World Enough and Time interweaves these three stories in a provocative new play about women’s lives in political landscapes.

Directed by Justin Audibert

Originally produced at the Bunker Theatre with Fluff Productions in 2013, directed by Helen Tennison.

The Odyssey

This is an urban promenade performance that takes the audience on a man hunt down seemingly normal high streets and into the heart of this classic story.

Help Telemachus find news of his father and participate in an epic adventure. Telemachus has invited you to join him at his father’s house. Only his war hero father is not there—he’s been missing for the last ten years. Desperate to discover the truth, Telemachus asks you, the audience, to go on your own Odyssey and bring back news of wily Odysseus. On your journey you may come across gods and goddesses, nymphs and monster, death and desire when an everyday high street becomes the back drop to some bizarre and brilliant stories.

Directed by Sophie Austin

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The Faun

The Faun was a work-in-progress showing of a piece about Vaslav Nijinsky, Sergei Diaghilev, Igor Stravinsky and the riots that broke out during the premiere of Le Sacre du Printemps in Paris, 1913, as well as the scandals that surrounded the Ballets Russes and Nijinsky’s relationship with Diaghilev. The work combined text, dance and movement and was made in collaboration with Ita O’Brien.

Directed by Sophie Austin

Alice’s Adventures in the New World

Dear Alice – the truth is never pure and rarely simple.

It is 1882. You are a seventeen year-old girl and you have just discovered your deceased mother is still alive and living in America. You set off to find her and meet: a) an artist with an opium addiction b) a depressed Socialist preaching free love c) a hypochondriac debutante d) a cattle rustler whose four husbands have all mysteriously disappeared e) Oscar Wilde f) your mother or g) all of the above. Wherever you go, you seem to be the only one in the room not wearing a corset and things become curiouser and curiouser along the way.

A music hall drama that explores myths about women, sexuality and gender relations in the Victorian era.

Alice’s Adventures in the New World premiered at The Old Red Lion, London, running from 23rd Feb–10th March, and was produced by Fluff Productions. Between September and October 2011 the production toured to The Rondo Theatre, Bath; The Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter; and the Everyman, Cheltenham.

Directed by Jessica Beck

Runner-up London Fringe Award Best Play (2010)

Heather’s Wedding

“Planning a wedding is like repeating a word over and over until it has no meaning anymore and you’ve sent yourself into a state of delirium.”

It’s wedding season. Heather is getting married and everything will be perfect… come hell or high water.

Heather’s Wedding explores the struggles of being a single woman in a world that has already decided how everything is supposed to go.

Created as a scratch performance for Goldsmiths Plays, in conjunction with the Pinter Centre for Performance and Creative Writing in 2010. Performed in 2018 as part of the Catalyst Mountview Festival at Theatre503, directed by Wiebke Green.

5 & 7 July: Theatre503

The Christmas Truce

So the Hun celebrates Christmas…

Of course they celebrate Christmas. They’re human, aren’t they?


Created by Riviera FM and BBC Radio Devon.

Directed by Penny Mustill

Created by Riviera FM and BBC Radio Devon.

Directed by Penny Mustill

The Better Deal

One club six girls many men. In one tiny dressing room exist six different women in six different worlds…

‘Have you read The Portrait of Dorian Gray?’ asks Bella, drawing the girls into a world that is both familiar and alien.  So begins a journey into an ordinary night in an ordinary club with six ordinary girls. Exploring worlds of femininity and sexuality at its most basic and most complex, asks: what is left private when everything is exposed?

This provocative new play exposes the stark opinions and fears of six young women working in the adult entertainment industry by inviting the audience into a very intimate space away from the public gaze and into a very private world.

Co-written with Christopher Brandon

Directed by Linda Campbell


No one ever tells these people “no”, and who knows how many dogs they have! God bless America, but this whole thing is in poor taste.

Black Hill is a small American town where being proactive and living under constant pressure is the ultimate mark of being successful. You have to be perfect at practically everything and that means defending your way of life at all costs. When a gang of village residents take issue over one family’s eight dogs, all hell breaks loose. This hilarious black comedy exposes the pettiness and hypocrisy of suburban life in America.

Dogfight first appeared as part of the Shortcuts 2006 Festival of New Writing at the Union Theatre in October 2006, produced by David Luff. The production transferred to the Arcola Theatre in November 2006, and was restaged for the Edinburgh Festival 2007.

Directed by Jessica Beck

Nominated for a Total Theatre Award (2007)

Red Light Green Light

Two women, one man. A party. You wear red if you’re taken, green if you’re single and yellow if…well, you know..there’s a situation.

She’s seeing him and he’s seeing her and she’s also seeing her. But he doesn’t know. There’s a party. And…there’s a situation. Who’s going to break first?

Red light. Green light. A short meditation on the problems of love in the time of confusion.

Directed by James Bounds

Originally created for RADA in 2007 with Linda Campbell.

One-acts created for subVERSE at Theatre503

Directed by Jessica Beck

Merry Christmas from the Bailey Family
Directed by Tom Mansfield

This is a Test. This is Only a Test
Directed by Jessica Beck

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Invocation by Manjula Padmanabhan

Like Chicken Tonight by Adrian Page

Work created for the 13th Street Repertory Theatre


Let’s Be Frank by Spatz Donavan (cabaret)

The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year by Ronee Penoi (a musical, adapted from the play by John Guare)

The Drum  by Tony Kavanagh (reading)

WTC View by Brian Sloan (reading)



Blind Date

Directed by Marla Dumont

Russell Square

Not everything can be exploited to the advantage of human beings – though we try, we can’t just kill everything off…

A radio play, commissioned by Theatre503 and Rose Bruford College as part of Urban Scrawl, the biggest online drama project of 2009. Russell Square was one of 53 audio dramas, each based on a station-stop on the Piccadilly Line.

Directed by Marina Caldarone