Theatre History I

  • 2022
  • Millikin University
  • BA Theatre and Performance Studies (visiting lecturer, module leader)

This course seeks to explore the beginnings of theatre and drama. It examines the theatre history and dramatic literature of theatre across the world, from the Ancient Greeks to German Romantic theatre. The course is arranged thematically rather than chronologically, encouraging students to make connections between and across time periods, cultures and countries. Topics also include: the Ancient Romans, Medieval theatre, Ancient Japanese theatre, Indian classical dance, puppet theatre of the Ottoman Empire, Renaissance-era Italian and Polish theatre, 17th-century French Theatre and the English Restoration. Theatrical design and architecture, acting styles, dramatic theory, and the connections between the dramatic arts and a society’s culture forms the basis of this class. Special emphasis will be placed on those aspects of theatre history that remain most relevant today, and on those pieces of dramatic literature that remain most revivable today.