6 E Q U J 5

by Stephen Laughton
  • 2017
  • JW3 (London)

God is dead. Nothing else matters…

After witnessing the horrific death of a young man – which may or may not have been an accident, Ben and Alexis are forced into a lie that threatens to unravel the worlds they have created for themselves.

Set over Yom Kippur, and asking us to question the true nature of compassion, 6EQUJ5 explores a world bounded by two immensities – one of space and time, and the other of spirituality. As Ben forces his personal crises into the very fabric of the play; Johnny, Thea and Nico are forced to pick up the pieces – whilst gigantic scenes from the cosmos envelop, alienate and bewilder. Offering a menacing perspective in which these traumas seem tiny, yet still convey excruciating spiritual magnitude.

Ben attempts escape, Alexis seeks atonement, forcing Ben further into a metaphysical yearning, as he tries to reach for something sublime and awe–inspiring in his own modern, vapid and filthy world.

6EQUJ5 was developed at and performed as a staged reading at JW3 , supported by the Carne Trust, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Arts Council England.

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