• 2007
  • Arcola Theatre, London & Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival

No one ever tells these people “no”, and who knows how many dogs they have! God bless America, but this whole thing is in poor taste.

Black Hill is a small American town where being proactive and living under constant pressure is the ultimate mark of being successful. You have to be perfect at practically everything and that means defending your way of life at all costs. When a gang of village residents take issue over one family’s eight dogs, all hell breaks loose. This hilarious black comedy exposes the pettiness and hypocrisy of suburban life in America.

Dogfight first appeared as part of the Shortcuts 2006 Festival of New Writing at the Union Theatre in October 2006, produced by David Luff. The production transferred to the Arcola Theatre in November 2006, and was restaged for the Edinburgh Festival 2007.

Directed by Jessica Beck

Nominated for a Total Theatre Award (2007)

This fast-paced production was brilliantly acted […] the writing was sharp enough to keep the characters just the right side of cheesy. If the Fringe were Crufts this play would definitely deserve a rosette.

★★★★★Three Weeks

Commenting on the function of politics, the price of success and career versus family, special mention should go to Penny Lisle whose creation of a twisted mother of five on the brink of mental breakdown effectively brought out the comedy of this searing satire.

★★★★The List

Sarah Sigal’s exposé of rivalry and paranoia in smalltown America is hugely entertaining […] Jessica Beck’s imaginative direction injects some breathtaking moments of physicality.

The Scotsman

Sarah Sigal’s writing is witty, wry and bristling with humour and just as you begin to imagine that you might be watching the latest glossy soap from the US, it all goes fringe up.

The Stage