Lost in Translation / Perdidos en la traducción

  • 2021
  • online

Conceptually, we started by describing our dramaturgical practices, which led to a discussion about dramaturgy and what it means in different countries and cultural contexts. This then led to a shared interest in dramaturgy in unconventional spaces, with some examples being ‘Drag Race’, the US Presidential Inauguration and Putin’s dramaturg. We started to wonder how dramaturgy can and does function outside theatre and performance. What ‘counts’ as dramaturgy? How is meaning made dramaturgically and who makes it?

We are planning a podcast series on dramaturgy, meaning-making and storytelling outside theatre. There will be between 3-6 episodes, each led by a pair from the group. In this way, we’ll explore how our own identities and perspectives influence our practice. We may invite guest speakers and experts to talk about each topic. This presentation is the first episode in the series, which you can listen to here.

The podcast will be recorded in English and Spanish.