MARGO. Half Woman, Half Beast

by Melinda Hughes, with songs by Melinda Hughes and Jeremy Limb
  • 2018
  • JW3 (London), Assembly Rooms (Edinburgh)

Margo Lion, the celebrated cabaret star, was gripped by the decadence of Weimar Berlin. Married to the leading lyricist of the day, Marcellus Schiffer, she performed at the famous music hall Shall und Rauch but theirs was a tempestuous relationship, fuelled by alcohol, cocaine and jealousy.

MARGO brings to life the famous songs of the day against a backdrop of highly charged sexual fever and political unrest, featuring music by Mischa Spoliansky, Friedrich Hollaender, Kurt Weil and Werner Heymann, as well as new songs by Melinda Hughes and Jeremy Limb.

2-18: Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh Festival

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With this show, Melinda Hughes has recreated anew for us a perennially fascinating moment in political, musical and social history that was the Weimar Republic from 1919 to 1933. Christopher Isherwood in his iconic novel Goodbye to Berlin( 1939) laid the basis for the musical Cabaret 1972 and now Melinda Hughes has added a new dimension to this great tradition in her witty, entertaining and profoundly moving show about the life of Margo Lion… An important voice that needs to be heard. Chuck all the men out of your diary and book a space for Melinda Hughes.


Hughes’ show is an intimate and intricate portrayal of a woman and a period that are both equally fascinating. Through brilliantly arranged and performed songs, in combination with a thoughtful and creative performance of a person’s life, she manages to show the audience a taste of the cabaret world as well as the impact it had on those living in it.

Direction by Sarah Sigal is masterful as everything, from set, music and dramaturgy, to dialogue and song, creates the perfect feeling that we have been invited to a private, personal cabaret.