Secret Soviet Dinner

  • 2013
  • Exmouth Market (London)

If you like your food served with an unhealthy dose of dark humour, immerse yourself in the secret Soviet world of the Russian Revels, a theatrical dining experience like no other. At Kitchen Party, the Russians take over Clerkenwell to let their guests in on the shadowy world of Soviet 1920s. Behind the austere front of empty shelves and stern faces, lies the thrilling world of Aladdin-like luxury provisions, sexy Slavic dishes and semi-legal underground clubs. But to get in, you’ll first have to deal with some of its larger-than-life characters: from shifty dealers wearing lacquered shoes to ethereal komsomolka girls and proletarian poets. Expect a sumptuous 5 course banquet, immersive theatre and a different cabaret act every night.

An immersive performance and dining event created with James Bounds and Russian Revels (chefs Katarina Kollegeava and Karina Baldry) for Bourne and Hollingsworth’s Kitchen Party pop-up.