The Cold Clear Elsewhere

by Jennifer Williams
  • 2014
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Australians don’t cry. It’s too dehydrating in a hot country.

Sydney, 1946. Grace is leaving to join the British sailor she impulsively married in wartime. She is excited about London. She is terrified she cannot remember the colour of her husband’s eyes. Based on true accounts from Australian war brides on the so-called ‘bridal ship’, HMS Victorious, The Cold Clear Elsewhere charts one young woman’s awakening on her bold journey across the world.

The acting is of high quality, as Williams takes on the entire supporting cast, successfully tackling a range of ages, accents and genders. Romantically written and well staged…as a portrait of a lonely, restless woman it is evocative and moving.

The Scotsman

a fine, highly professional production and a great piece of storytelling

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